So I found THIS website, clippingmagic, and as you can see in the preview up there, it makes pngs for you. Really easy, really fast. There’s a bunch of settings I haven’t gotten the chance to play with yet, so obviously the picture there is a really rough one, but someone should find it useful.

an amazing find

I’m so tired… I hate having closing and then opening. I was close to being late to work again. 
In other news, I just wanna lay in bed, play old Pokemon games, and cuddle. 

It’s here! Time for extra goodies.

Pokémon Snap | Mew So rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts. Only a few people have seen it worldwide.






The living room set up. I don’t want them on the same bar for vent reasons but it’ll have to do for now. Next gen gaming. I have everything I want.
There it is…
My Destiny begins in the morning…